0005: Beacons of Light

In a world where we strive to stand out, we seem to do the same thing in order to reach that level. It almost seems like a well-orchestrated facade of Simon Says, only this team social media is Simon and we keep saying the same thing.

Its the gems, those diamond in the roughs, that make all the difference. It won’t be a mass social media trend that makes them unique. Rather, they will only be beacons of light to the tribes that are under the same philosophies and ideals. They won’t be on distractify.com or BuzzFeed. They will be important and not just there to count your clicks to get pennies for the day.

My recent beacons of light in my life are as follows:

  • TheMinimalists.com: It’s such a great simple site. The co-authors are lovely human beings. They aren’t out to stuff your throat with ideals that don’t pertain to you. They write from the heart, from experience, and genuinely care about what value they are adding to your life. I enjoy their thoughts so much that they are both a homepage AND I’ve subscribed if I’m not on my main computer.
  • Tarot class: I’m currently working in level 2 of studies at Seattle Tarot School run by Seven Star (yes, that is her legal name and no, its not because of hippie parents). I’ve been attending her casual practice meet-ups via www.meetup.com (link will take you to the Tarot group) for around two years now and level 1 was last fall. She’s got an amazing perspective and open-minded attitude. You can read my personal reviews about her classes on Facebook and Yelp.
  • A Course in Miracles [ACIM]: this is a self-study instruction manual. It’s complex yet simple, hard to do yet once done, it makes perfect sense. I’ve been reading a companion study guide of sorts called The Disappearance of the Universe, a more jovial yet straightforward discussion about the Course.

And so that’ll start it off for now. Lots of reading and self study to apply myself. Not bad at all. Goodnight!

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