Dreams. Some notes.

Crazy dreams. Wanting the truth but willing to die if never revealed. On a beach with tons of sand and waves wanting to eat me alive. Lady and two male friends just watching me, waiting, while I ran the storm. Grabbed onto stones as the waves hit. Ran the beach, found two large root plants, like carrots?!, and held onto them while a wave hit. Some people were there and they got swallowed by the waves. Large stones and a lighthouse base missing the lighthouse with four doors. Giant waves start coming up – needed to find shelter. All of four of us finally made it in. Waited a while. The window/doors kept allowing water in, had to gauge the situation. All of a sudden, we are transported to where there are cars coming at us to the window/doors. We are in a suburb. We climb into a floating van and float through the neighborhood. We pass many homes. “All rivers will lead you to your home” said the lady. There are signs for river homes to find. Beautiful layouts in the misery. Stop floating. Find myself in a house full of people wanting to line up for music and other things. A friend tells me about her divorce and I have my big black Bluetooth headphones. I get a phone call and it’s her ex-husband asking me to make sure she is safe. Someone comes around to our car/power area and a guy plays loud music. Me and my friend put on our headphones to block out the noise while others come up to charge their phones. Enforcers around, some in blue shirt, some plainclothes, guiding people here and there. Find the main guy trying to fix his viola. I find my violin (in my house and bring it back) and play with him some lovely duet. Lose the crowd. Now at my house. I ask for a friend, Mom said he wasn’t around but saw I was sad so was hoping for me to feel better. I still had my violin and began playing sad melodic tunes while seeing there was a BBQ in the house backyard with my cousins. I turned around back inside to view the front yard to see it had become a fairy countryside, and there I found my friend and other family members. He comes inside the house to let me know I look better and that I have a few packages in my name, come see them. So I go into the garage- I notice my brother and cousins playing ping pong. And the packages were for DVDs of some kind and coasters, because I don’t have any for my office.
And then I woke up.

Brain, that was really weird.

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