Beginning the Journey: artist, teacher, healer

This is a temporary home for an online website I’m building, Life: LvL UP! Its my journey as well as yours. It’ll encompass writings, reviews, and wonderful exchanges that have helped level up my life to greater heights.

The idea for the site came to me while I was working PAX Prime in 2014 and I’m still putting the plans together. For the time being, I’ll share ideas here, and also maintain this as a blog of interests related to my website.


My name is Vanessa. I am born and raised in Washington, USA. I’m a graduate from the University of Washington and have interests in art, culture, society, and spiritual matters. 

One day someone asked me to describe myself in 5 words or less. I decided the following were the titles were how I was to live my life and share it unto others.

Artist: This is the the easiest of the three titles. I’ve been an artist since I could hold a pencil and control my voice. I sing alto-soprano and enjoy sketching. I have major goals in the works to use my love of writing, Japanese, and artwork to develop children’s books and other stories. I hope you’ll enjoy this journey and have exchanges of expression with you!

Teacher: This title came as a byproduct of several roles I’ve had in life. I’m the oldest grandchild of many on my mother’s side, I’ve had jobs where, after learning, became responsible to educating new employees, and I taught in Japan for one year as an English teacher. Bear in mind, I’ve come to the philosophy that the teacher is the student and the student the teacher within an exchange. As I teach you about what I provide, I look forward to seeing what you will teach me from your life experience as well.

Healer: This title seems the hardest yet the most impactful of the three. An accumulation of being a creative person and working to helping others, healing is a natural byproduct of empathic connections. I am known to make connections with strangers easily. I know I’m a magnet for people who need what I can provide, so I am incredibly excited to meet you, interact with you, and each of us will make a positive impact on our lives. 


This is my portal to share my passions with you! You’ll see many of the following come up and I’ll award LvL points for what I produce and share with you. By tracking and tagging, I’ll be able to notate what I need balancing on and also observe where my natural strengths come into play. Hope to share the following with you soon!

  • Writing
  • Artwork
  • Photography
  • Tarot Studies
  • Health
  • Commentary on Tea

…and many more ideas to follow!

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